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4th of July Fireworks Reservation Form

Cash, Check or Money Order payable to Shelly Huber

We have sold out for 4th of July Fireworks - If you would like to be put on standby - Email Us

Late Cancellations:
Penalty of 10% of your booking rate if you cancel after June 27th, 2010.
After 7-2-10 100% penalty .


S/V Liberty 4th of July Fireworks Reservation.


$250.00 per guest.

Adults & children priced the same.


If you arrive by vehicle we suggest you arrive as early as possible. Fee parking has limited availablebilty.
No recreational drugs allowed.
Excessive drinking, defined as the limited set for driving by the State of NJ, is prohibited.

The Captain has absolute authority to determine and deem any person or persons dangerous to himself and/or to the crew and other passengers and will take every action to remedy the situation including detaining such person or persons until the USCG, NY Marine Police or any other law enforcement authority arrives by sea or land.

We want all to have a safe, memorable & enjoyable holiday and continue to share it with us for years to come!

Please fill in the form below for each guest. Print, sign and mail along with a check or money order payable to:

Shelly Huber

Mail to:
Shelly Huber
886 Allwood Road
Apt. 3
Clifton, NJ 07012

Street Address
Zip Code
Cell Phone
Time - Date of Reservation 4th of July Fireworks 2010


$250.00 per guest

Number in Party

Total Cost of Charter

Total amount enclosed

Please print the names of each paid guest on the back of this printed form.
Special Needs for you or any one in your party. Food allergies, etc
(Handicap, etc.)


Please send in along with this signed reservation form, your total payment. We accept only checks or money orders.
All cancellations after June 27th, 2010, will be subject to a cancellation fee of 10% of the total of the bookings.
After 7-2-10 100% penalty 

If the NY Harbor are cancelled  or we are unable to get on the water due to the weather or harbor restrictions you will receive a full refund of your charter.

We suggest you also bring a camera and a light jacket just incase it becomes a little cool in the evening. (I know it's July but it's better than being cold).

I have read and fully reviewed all terms, information on this web site and and fully understand and agree to them.
Today's Date
Please sign __________________________________________________

All reservations require a refundable 100% payment - Check or Money Order payable to Shelly Huber
Cancellations due to weather, harbor restrictions or cancellation of the fireworks:
Mother nature may upset our plans due to heavy rain, storms or wind. . Our Captain will determine if weather conditions are unsafe or the USCG. Also if the fireworks are canceled you will recieve a full refund.

Late Cancellations:
Penalty of 10% of your booking rate if you cancel after June 27, 2010. After 7-2-10 100% penalty

Upon receipt of this Reservation you will receive a phone or email confirmation.

Call now for availability and reservations - Call for same day stand by openings
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