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To ensure you will have a safe and pleasant trip all of out boats have been inspected and approved for safety by the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. Our Catalina Yacht 30 is the most successful USA built boat ever produced. It has a reputation of being solidly built and very comfortable. Click here for photos of the interior of Sea Fever.

Our Captain will inform you of all safety measures before your departure. Always listen to our captains instructions.

No smoking is permitted!    No littering of our waters!

NEVER FORGET:  One hand on the boat and one hand for yourself !  Always hold on!


Inflatable fanny packs are strapped on to the steps leading to the cabin. There are also life jackets in the cockpit locker marked "SAFETY". If you cannot swim please inform our Captain. If you would like to feel safer. please wear one of our lifejackets. The United States Coast Guard's Life Jacket Rule has gone into effect on December 23, 2002. It stipulates that all children under 13 years of age must wear Coast Guard approved life jackets, while aboard recreational vessels underway.

Alcohol & Drugs

No drugs or alcohol are permitted. Alcohol may be permitted for those over 21 with prior both the permission of this charter and the captain of your boat  No smoking is permitted. Any medication that you may need for life threatening situations  such as heart or allergic reaction antidotes please inform our Captain.

Motion Sickness

If you think you may be prone to motion sickness, ginger taken within the hour before your sail will usually prevent it.
Motion sickness pills, such as Dramamine, may cause sleepiness in some individuals.  Please consult you physician before use.



Please wear boat shoes or sneakers. Leather or hard soled footwear will slide on the floor of the boat and mar its finish.

Loose items

Please keep all items below in the cabin. Any other items that you wish to carry with you, such as a camera, please always have them secure on your person with a strap. Do not put them on the edge of the cockpit. The water seems to be a magnet, drawing all that it can into it. Remember too,  hats and eyewear can also be blown into the water. We are not responsible to replace or retrieve items that have fallen overboard.

Loose lines (ropes)

Do not entangle yourself in any of the lines that control our sails. While you are under sail, please stay in the cockpit.

Sun and wind exposure

Out on the open water you can get quite a burn. Please use a sun block. Full brim hats could also be warn to protect the face from direct sun exposure.  However, reflection from the water will still poses a significant danger and a sun block should must be used even while wearing a hat. Make sure your hat has a strap to keep it from blowing off your head. Polarizing sun glasses are also important for protection of the eyes. The wind can also give you a chill so please wear layered clothes and/or a windbreaker. If you become a little warm you can always remove a layer.

Special needs and handicaps

If you have any special needs or handicaps please call us. We usually can accommodate most handicap individuals within the limits of our vessel and Coast Guard regulations.

NEVER FORGET:  One hand on the boat and one hand for yourself !  

Always hold on!


Always watch the others ships and buoys on the water.  


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