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Our "Fill the Boat" Specials give better value for you and 5 other guests

It's like the boat is yours for you and your family or friends!

Our "Fill the Boat" Special rates are for 6 guests. See rates listed below.

All reservations require a refundable 10% deposit - Cash, Money order or check only.

Each sail is 2 hours long. Please arrive at least 20 minutes before departure.

Come over and visit us! Our marina is located in Liberty State Park offering many outdoor activities.
Call 201-887-8700 for availability and reservations

"Fill the Boat" Specials Rates

Monday to Thursday

Evening 7pm to 9pm
Fill the Boat Special  $399.00

Save over individual rates


Evening 7pm to 9pm
Fill the Boat Special  $449.00

Save over individual rates

Saturday   Sunday
Day 10am to 12pm 2pm to 4pm
Fill the Boat Special  $399.00 Fill the Boat Special  $399.00

Save  over individual rates

Save over individual rates

Evening 7pm to 9pm 10pm to 12pm
Fill the Boat Special  $449.00 Fill the Boat Special  $449.00

Save over individual rates

Save  over individual rates

Special Holiday Rates

Memorial Day Weekend
add 20% to normal rate
add 10% to normal rate
Father's Day
add 10% to normal Sunday rate
4th of July 2007 email us
add 10% to normal rates
Columbus Day Weekend add 10% to normal rates

Please call for availability of our Fill the Boat Specials for the above holidays!


Call for special pricing for longer booking, group rates and/or chartering for the day.

Calendar for your convenience 

Late Cancellations:
Penalty of 10% of your booking rate for the "Fill the Boat Specials": if you cancel within 2 weeks (14 days) of your sailing date. 
Ordering of the Captains Wraps must be made 24 hours in advance and is non-refundable.

Cancellations due to weather:
Mother nature may upset our plans due to heavy rain, storms or wind. There is no cancellation penalty fee. Our Captain will determine if weather conditions are unsafe. The harbor has a micro climate it may be heavy rain where you are and clear and sunny in the harbor or vis versa. So please call, do not assume you are cancelled.

Call for information regarding longer charter times.

We also have to cancel due to any sailing Coast Guard or governmental restrictions.

NY Harbor Weather



Call now for availability and reservations - Call for same day stand by openings
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