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Give a Gift Certificate... it makes a Great Gift!     
Gift Certificates issued now will have an expiration date of 10-31-2008  

Trying to find that Special Gift for that "hard to give" person?

Give them a little adventure!  Give a Sea Fever Excursions Gift Certificate!

Give a Gift Certificate good for a specific time or good anytime depending which one is purchased.

Gift certificates are only good for Liberty Landing marina sails on "SV Sea Fever" or a similar substituted vessel.

There is a choice of certificates to fit any schedule or budget

In a hurry for that last minute gift. Call or email us and a Gift Certificate can be emailed in about 24 hours!

Certificates will be emailed to you in a MS Word 2000 file for your printing.

Serial numbers are encoded and recorded and are valid through 10-31-09.

You will need MS Word 97 or higher in order to print them.

If you do not have MS Word, Microsoft offers a free MS Word viewer and printer. 

Pearl Certificates
Pearl Certificate DN good only on Monday to Thursday,  day or night excluding holidaysi
$79.00 single Now $59.00
$149.00 per couple Now $112.00
"Fill the Boat Special"  $399.00 (for 6 guests)  Now $300.00
Silver Certificates
Silver Certificate DN good on any weekday or weekend day or night excluding holidays or Friday evening
$89.00 single Now $67.00
$169.00 per couple  Now $127.00
"Fill the Boat Special"  $449.00 (for 6 guests)  Now $337.00
 Can be used for any day booking of lesser value.

If a certificate is used on a day when the normal booking is of lesser value of the original certificate was issued for;
 no refunds or credits for the difference will be given.

Subject to availability and weather conditions.


All are subject to availability of booking.

Space left open above "Visit www.SailtheHudson.com" is intended for the giver to write a personal message.

Certificates will be emailed to you in a Adobe PDF file for your printing.

Serial numbers are encoded and recorded.


All Gift Certificates are subject to availability of specific dates, weather conditions and Coast Guard Restrictions.
Gift Certificates will expire from 10 to 15 months after issuance. Gift Certificates are NOT refundable but are transferable.

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